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The SLATT Program offers four specialized, training courses. Each course is tailored to the different roles in law enforcement and other state and local functions (law enforcement executives/managers; patrol officers/line personnel; investigators and analysts; Academy Staff and Field Trainers) who play key roles in terrorism prevention and response. All SLATT Program training is developed by national subject matter experts with years of experience in the field of law enforcement and counterterrorism. This dynamic training is available at no cost through funding from the Bureau of Justice Assistance.

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Due to the current health crisis, our on-site trainings are postponed. Fill out the Contact Us form to stay up-to-date on the latest SLATT training and resources news!

Prepare & Ready: Executive Planning for Agencies in Response to Extremism

Increase Agency Capability to Detect Threats • Improve Readiness for Event Response

Level: Executives and Managers

Are you a law enforcement executive or manager? This training is tailored for you. The principles discussed and the focus on prevention and response are congruent with other SLATT trainings; however, the functions and responsibilities of your role as an executive and/or manager differ, as would be expected for people in a leadership position. Higher-level strategic planning and preparation are covered, and enterprise-level impacts are addressed.

There are no SLATT training events of this type currently open for registration.

Prevent and Respond: Officer Training to Effectively Counter Terrorism

Observe and Report Suspicious Activity • Respond to Events Effectively

Level: Patrol Officers and Line Personnel

Are you a patrol or line officer? YOU are the “eyes and ears” within the community, and you have a tremendous opportunity to contribute to the prevention of terrorism. This course is designed for you, the front line officer, who can assist with the prevention of and response to terrorism. This training emphasizes the importance of information gathering and intelligence consumption to recognize and report suspicious activity. One component of the training discusses the need for a response plan and how to train for terrorist incidents.

There are no SLATT training events of this type currently open for registration.

Detect and Interdict: Specialized Roles In Uncovering and Preventing Terrorism

Review and Analyze Threats • Improve Effectiveness of Detection Efforts • Share Information With Partners

Level: Investigators and Analysts

Are you an investigator or analyst? You have a VITAL role in preventing terrorism. Attend the DISRUPT course where you will learn how and why you are such an integral part of the prevention of and response to terrorism. The course further details how your specialized role (analysts, investigators, prosecutors, and task force detailees) can contribute to the efforts of law enforcement and complete a more comprehensive approach to terrorism prevention and response.

There are no SLATT training events of this type currently open for registration.

Terrorism Readiness Through Applied Instructional Neuroscience

Increase Agency Counterterrorism Capacity Through Training • Employ Advanced Training Techniques

Level: Academy Staff and Field Trainers

Are you a law enforcement trainer? Attend this course and receive information on how to train your fellow law enforcement officers using the PROTECT curriculum. This course will cover key principles and the application of techniques to increase training engagement, learning, and behavioral change in order to increase agency capacity for prevention of and response to terrorism, which are essential to the effective training of law enforcement officers.

There are no SLATT training events of this type currently open for registration.

Self-paced, online courses designed to equip you to recognize and counter terrorism

Level: All levels of law enforcement

State, local, tribal, and territorial law enforcement play a vital role in identifying, interdicting, and responding to acts of terrorism and targeted violence. The SLATT program has developed various online training modules that cover a wide variety of topics related to counterterrorism. To access these training opportunities, click the button below to be taken to your customized dashboard.

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