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This training is limited to sworn law enforcement, support staff, and approved criminal justice and public safety users. Note: If you already have a SLATT account registered through this website, log in here.

New Users:

If you are a new user and want to access SLATT, there are three ways to access/register for SLATT content.

  1. Regional Information Sharing Systems (RISS) Access: RISS members may access SLATT through the secure RISS portal. Instructions may be found here: accessing RISS. The SLATT program does not manage the RISS website. If you experience issues with the RISS Program website, please email the RISS Help Desk at

  2. FBI's Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal (LEEP) Access: LEEP members may access SLATT utilizing their LEEP credentials. Instructions may be found here: access LEEP. The SLATT program does not manage the LEEP website. If you experience issues with your LEEP credentials, please contact the FBI's LEEP Program Office at or call (888) 334-4536.

  3. Users With an Agency Preauthorization Code: A preauthorization code is provided by a representative within your agency or organization who has been designated to serve as a preauthorization code agent. If you have been provided a preauthorization code from your agency, please register the code here.

An agency's assigned preauthorization code cannot be requested through this website or by email. However, you may submit a request to learn if your agency or organization has been assigned a preauthorization code by using the Contact Us form.